55 cm Fawn

55 cm Fawn

55 cm Fawn kit contains all necessary materials to create one 55 cm Fawn toy from the EFI Friends collection and finish its face features to your liking. The kit contains:

1. Beautiful shade of latte brown 100% Lithuanian linen fabric for the fawn's body 

2. Fusible iron on light weight interfacing

3. Embroidery cotton thread of three colours: cream, brown and black to finish face details

4. All purpose  sewing thread to match the entire project

5. High quality polyester stuffing

6. Dark brown 100% linen fabric for antlers

Step 2. Add pattern and tutorial to your kit

Now, when you have all fabrics and supplies to make this 55 cm Fawn, select what pattern and tutorial you need. You will need to have the pattern and tutorial to make this toy. When the option "printed pattern and digital tutorial" is added, the hardcopy of the Fawn's pattern and QR code to download the digital tutorial with step by step making instructions will be added to your kit.

If you purchased the 55 cm Fawn's digital PDF pattern and tutorial previously from the EFI Little Things Digital Patterns shop on Etsy and require only fabrics and supplies, select the option "no pattern and tutorial".