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EFI Friends 55 & 30 cm toys

Our timeless collection, crafted with 100% linen, cotton, and wool fabrics, was established in 2018 and now boasts enchanting patterns including deer, mouse, fox, hare, moose, lion, goos, and duck.

Ballerina the Fawn

Ballerina the Fawn - our very first sold toy. Crafted with love from 100% wool, she danced into hearts with grace and charm. Adorned in real pointe shoes, she twirled her way into the spotlight, marking the start of a magical legacy.

Rupert the Hare

Rupert the Hare - a sensational travelling circus actor of our collection. Donning a charming circus hat, Rupert stole many hearts. A perennial bestseller, he enjoyed the limelight for multiple seasons, becoming a beloved companion now residing in numerous countries.

Linen & Cotton Fawns

In 2020, we embraced a new chapter in our crafting story by introducing fawns crafted from the finest linen and cotton fabrics. These adorable creations flaunt cool and cute outfits, adding a touch of whimsy to our collection.

First sewing pattern and toy making kit

Summer 2020 marked a milestone as we unveiled our first sewing pattern and toy making kit, featuring the beloved fawn design. The response was nothing short of incredible, with the kits flying off "the shelves". Our fawn pattern, a labour of love, became a bestseller on Etsy, resonating with crafters.

Even more sewing patterns and tutorials

Since that memorable summer in 2020, our collection of toy making patterns and tutorials has blossomed. In addition to the beloved fawns and hares, we've extended our offerings to include adorable clothes sewing patterns.


In 2021, we proudly welcomed the distinguished and cute lion to our collection. With its strikingly beautiful mane, this regal addition captured hearts and quickly soared to popularity.

Here comes the 30 cm story

Closing the chapter of 2021 on a heart warming note, we extended our EFI Friends collection by introducing a delightful 30 cm size for all the toys. Retaining their beauty and cuteness, these designs now offer a comfortable size for little hands to play, hug and embark on adventures

A must-have - our charming fox

In the vibrant hues of 2022, we introduced our next addition - the Fox. With its rust-bright nature, the charming character has infused our collection with a burst of colours, enhancing the joy of our cherished friends.

2022 - super heroes

2022 witnessed the iconic arrival of Geese as the signature ambassadors of our brand. Originating from the exclusive design by EFI Little Things, these little chaps have secured their places as the cutest companions for little ones and bigger ones alike.

Meet Moti the Duck

The quirkily endearing self-proclaimed studio helper! This crazy duck is on a mission to inspire and motivate, urging you to sew more ducks like him.

Even more clothes patterns

Each season, we delight in expanding our collection by adding more sewing patterns for clothes. Now, not only can your toys be adorable companions, but they can also stay on-trend and look impeccably stylish.

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EFI Friends collection today is a collection of 55 and 30 cm toys patterns and tutorials for deer, hare, lion, fox, mouse, goose, and moose, along with a variety of stylish clothes. With our "toy making kit" tool, you can create your own set of supplies for your project: choose your desired toy, select the corresponding pattern and tutorial, and customise it with the perfect outfit (or without!). We'll assemble al the best quality fabrics and materials you need, ensuring you have the exact supplies to bring your chosen project to life.

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