• Whether you're a sewing enthusiast searching for the perfect pattern, fabrics, craft project or you are looking to buy unique creations, EFI Little Things is here for you . Dive into a world of creativity with our engaging tutorials and videos, and explore our fabric and sewing kits shop where sustainable materials meet designer prints to fuel your imaginative projects. EFI Little Things is where your love for soft toys and cute home décor comes to life!

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  • EFI Toys shop

    Our toy shop caters to those in search of adorable, soft creations crafted from natural, sustainable fabrics. Nestled in the heart of Europe and operating on a small scale, we prioritize meticulous care in crafting each toy, ensuring a friendly and inviting enviroment. Transparency and sustainability are at the core of our production process, guaranteeing that the best quality materials are used to bring forth delightful companions for every adventure.

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  • EFI Fabric shop

    Our fabric shop offers the finest quality linen and cotton fabrics crafted in Europe. Our collection features linen fabrics adorned with beautiful prints, all meticulously created to elevate your projects. Using environmentally friendly inks, our fabrics, embody both charm and sustainability. We take pride in ensuring every step of our fabric production is transparent and eco-conscious. Explore our designs, with a special emphasis on those tailored for enchanting toy creations - a testament to our commitment to fair and exceptional craftmanship.

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  • EFI Craft shop

    Step into the world of creativity at EFI Craft Shop, where custom toy-making kits take centre stage. Each kit is uniquely tailored to your preferences, allowing you to customize it to perfection. Crafted with the finest Lithuanian linen fabrics, these kits come complete with patterns and supplies, ensuring every detail is considered. The brilliance lies in the customer's ability to create their own kit, receiving precisely measured fabrics and all necessary supplies for a seamless crafting experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of counting supplies and unnecessary fabric excess – welcome to perfectly customized, individually created sewing kits, designed to inspire and delight in every project.

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  • FREE patterns & tutorials

    Embark on a creative journey with EFI's Free Patterns and Tutorials section – your gateway to inspiration. Download free PDF patterns and watch free video tutorials that guide you through crafting simple yet charming toys, home decorations, and seasonal décor. Whether you're an experienced maker seeking a quick, delightful project or a novice eager to explore the world of sewing, our collection caters to all skill levels. Try your hand at something simple before venturing into more intricate projects, making every step of your creative exploration both accessible and enjoyable.

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Fabric shop

Discover the essence of sustainable elegance at our new fabric shop. Explore our specially designed collection of OEKO-TEX certified 100% linen fabrics, proudly produced in Lithuania from European flax. Gentle palette of earthy and muted tones, adorned with timeless prints like florals, stripes, gingham etc. Tiny prints that are ideal for toy and doll making.


EFI Craft shop

Tailored toy making kits with your own choice of toys, fabrics, patterns and tutorials: Your Toy, Your Way!

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